The focus of goals connect is on intergenerational educational work for sustainable transformation. We want to impart shaping skills with regard to these contents for children and young people as well as for adults, since this learning process must be regarded as continuous and lifelong and does not simply end with the graduation of school or university. We see education as the basis and essential requirement for achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals.



Our goal is to promote a diversity-conscious, opportunity-oriented, and sustainable society.

What drives us

  • We understand education as lifelong, intergenerational cooperation.
  • We see innovative and non-formal educational approaches as the basis for sustainable transformations, which we want to design, offer and promote.
  • We want to show that there are opportunities in change.
  • We would like to motivate all social actors (individuals, institutions) to shape.
  • We want to promote people as individuals, show them their self-efficacy and arouse curiosity about sustainable transformation.
  • We have an enormous passion for these topics.

How we act

  • Promotion of education in socially relevant subject areas.
  • Workshops and seminars for children, young people and adults which deal with social, ecological and economic challenges.
  • Creating intergenerational educational offers that enable exchange and define common goals (goals connect) and alternative courses of action.