Our goal is to promote a diversity-conscious, opportunity-oriented and sustainable acting society.

successfully conducted workshops

Sebastian Czopnik

Social Worker, Robert-Koch Gymnasium Berlin, Germany, 2020

„[…] The cooperation with goals connect was very good in all areas: accessibility, communication, on-site implementation, feedback from the students…the teacher involved plans to permanently include the topic “Flight and Climate Crisis” and would like to regularly cooperate with goals connect for this purpose.

Birgit Zimmer

Teacher, Adolph-Diesterweg School Stralsund, Germany, 2020

„[…] Due to your convincing and cordial manner, not only my
students were convinced by the burning topic;
Me, as a teacher, would like to thank you very much.
You have been able to make us all think a lot and on our
Yesterday, the topic of sustainability was a big topic with us on our school hiking day.[…]” 

Maren Lindig

Principal, Staatliche Regelschule Ranis, Germany, 2019

 „[…] I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your commitment to our school. The students have consistently reflected positively. This confirms you in your way of working. Keep up the good work. We would be pleased to be able to carry out projects together with you in the coming year.“

Inken Weiler

Social Pedagogue, Schule am Berlinickeplatz, Berlin, Germany, 2020

 „[…] The coaches from goals connect guided the groups competently and professionally to their own activities and thought processes. They succeeded in getting the critical students excited about the topic at the beginning. All participants we interviewed spoke positively at the end of the event and showed interest in continuing the workshop.] “