GreenTeam - Program

Your way to a sustainable daily business and organizational life


Your team becomes a GreenTeam.

Together with our trainers, your employees learn how to develop and implement concrete, effective solutions for an attractive, sustainable daily business. The focus is on environmental/climate-friendly changes that are rich in opportunities. In addition to a basic workshop, we offer you further support for your new GreenTeam.

GreenTeams can be formed by all organizations in which people
work together, regardless of whether:

  • Businesses (SMEs and larger companies)
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Administrations and authorities
  • NGO´s
  • Educational institutions
  • Foundations
  • uvm.

A wide variety of stakeholders are currently reflecting more strongly than ever that sustainable changes are required in many areas. Future-oriented companies/organizations see themselves as social players with a corresponding responsibility. They see sustainability in general and environmental/climate protection in particular as a task that is essential for their own existence and profitability in the medium term.

Companies and organizations with a credible sustainable orientation will already have competitive advantages in the medium term in a wide range of markets (skilled workers, sales, finance, etc.).

Climate- and environment-friendly behavior is a cross-generational task for all social actors, whether institutions or individuals. The often used apocalyptic rhetoric of doom as well as the equation of change with renunciation block and do not lead to the desired results. We are convinced that there is a wealth of opportunities, some of them strategic, in corresponding changes. Opportunity orientation is the focus of our positively motivating workshop work.

1. coordination
We will coordinate with you individually and discuss on the basis of your
framework conditions, your status quo and the objectives of the
the further procedure. If you then decide in favor of the
implementation, we will design a basic workshop tailored to your needs.
basic workshop.

2. implementation
In the basic workshop, the participants learn how to implement opportunity-oriented
changes in everyday life can be implemented in a very practical way. The framework
6 building blocks that your future GreenTeam can use for orientation.
can orientate itself further.

3. GreenTeam yes/no?
After the basic workshop, you decide how to proceed.
Do you want to work with a GreenTeam in the future? Do you need further
further support? We will be happy to support you in the decision-making process after the workshop.

4. support
You found your GreenTeam and create step by step a sustainable everyday life.
everyday life. We offer you a wide range of support on request.

In order to initiate and sustainably implement changes, we work with a process consisting of 6 core building blocks. During the basic workshop, we would like to work with the participants on these 6 steps in a very practical, competence-oriented way and show how promising measures can be identified and implemented.

Measures are conceivable in various subject areas. To give you an idea, here are a few possible fields of action:

  • Meetings/ Workshops
  • Canteen
  • Energy
  • supply/generation
  • Business trips
  • Vehicle fleet
  • Office supplies
  • Commuting
  • Community spaces (e.g. kitchens)
  • IT infrastructure and use
  • Use of resources (paper, water, electricity, etc.)
  • Share approaches
  • Digitization aspects
  • Company celebrations
  • Social days
  • Paper consumption
  • Waste separation
  • Repairs
  • Influence on service providers or suppliers
  • etc.

Your GreenTeam advantages

Sustainability strategie

Start, intensify or complement your CSR strategy
A green everyday life paves the way for sustainable measures in the core business, which is often the most challenging but also the biggest lever.

Credibility, understanding and commitment among external and internal target groups are increased.


Positioning as an attractive, value-oriented employer
68% of employees want their employer to make a credible environmental commitment.
    Retain your employees and convince them that you are a responsible employer in the "war of talents".

Active commitment to environmental and climate protection

Measurable success and role model function
Companies and organisations are social players with multi-layered responsibilities.

Apart from all effects, you should be particularly intrinsically motivated to work on social issues.

Cost saving

Direct and indirect cost savings
Sustainable alternatives are sometimes directly more cost-effective than current solutions.

In addition, there are opportunity costs. For example, if you keep your employees, you save about 14,000 euros per new position. Other examples include costs for customer acquisition, marketing, etc.

Sales markets

Building your brand image and creating a credible USP
B2C - 70% of consumers pay attention to sustainability in products and companies.

B2B - The requirements for a sustainable orientation can open or not close doors for their business customers.


Increase the self-efficacy of your team
Participants experience their own effectiveness and see that they can initiate systemic change.

Credibility, understanding and commitment among external and internal target groups are increased. As a result, you will have more confident staff.

Competences for action

Professional know-how, methodological and alternative competence are strengthened
The participants learn facts about current issues in the environmental/climate context, but also what alternatives there are to habitual actions, how promising they can be and what methods and processes can be used to find and implement them.


Working in a self-designed environment
You give employees the opportunity to actively shape the company's everyday life and offer them a forum for their sustainable ideas.

Intergenerational impact

Your workshop facilitates a school workshop on sustainable education
You take responsibility for the next generation: The workshop proceeds are partly used for the implementation of the goals connect school workshop programme in the thematic field of "sustainability".

Our offer



Together we lay the foundation for the successful work of your GreenTeam with a workshop that is both an impulse generator and a starting signal.

In the workshop, participants learn about the 6 building blocks that provide the framework for the successful work of your GreenTeam. We will work on concrete examples of how sustainable everyday changes can be implemented in your organization.

On the basis of this, a GreenTeam can be formed after the workshop, which continuously and consistently makes the organization’s everyday life more climate and environmentally friendly.

At the end of the workshop day, participants will …

Workshop = 1 day (8 hours)

In addition, the trainers are available for questions afterwards online or by phone.

Up to 20 participants



The GreenTeam Basic Workshop is the starting point. We then accompany the further process of establishing a GreenTeam and the first concrete measures.

The first step is the basic workshop “GreenTeam Basic”.

Then, depending on demand, we work in 2-3 follow-up workshops with the newly founded GreenTeam on the respective measures and their implementation.

In addition, the trainers are available digitally and by telephone for questions during the ongoing process.

By the end of the program, you will have complemented the objectives of the workshop “Basic” …

Start Workshop “Basic” = 1 day (8 hours)
Workshop with Green Team = 2-3 days (8 hours each)

Between the dates or in the follow-up, the trainers are available online or by phone.

Basic-Workshop – up to 20 participants*.

GreenTeam workshops – depending on the size/structure of the GreenTeam

Your coaches


Martin Strobel

Sustainable transformation is THE topic for companies and organizations. Martin is passionate about this challenge and wants to support institutions in implementing appropriate structures in sustainability management. He is currently founding his own organization for this purpose.

As a Dipl.-Kfm. (FH) Martin has more than 10 years of professional experience. He gained project management and leadership experience in small and medium-sized enterprises and prepared his first sustainability reports. This was followed by positions at the Borderstep Institute for Innovation and Sustainability and at an ecologically oriented start-up.

Martin is a certified educational consultant for sustainable development
and sustainability manager.


Chris Haessner

Education and skills transfer is the key to sustainable change. Based on this conviction, Chris is working on the professionalization of goals connect. He wants to show as many people as possible that change is full of opportunities and that you can courageously shape your environment yourself.

Chris is also a graduate in business administration (Dipl.-Kfm. (FH)) and has more than 10 years of professional experience as an educational consultant in political education with various target groups. He is also a certified educational consultant for sustainable development and a
sustainability manager.